Looking for great fun for your baby? Something a little different than a cake smash photo session?

How about…


A Delicious Alternative for Cake Smash and for Little Ones with a Taste for Health!
Perfect for those who love fruits or have dietary restrictions.
Splash into a world of colorful memories without the worry of allergies.

Experience the joy of smashing and splashing amidst a variety of fresh, delicious fruits – from luscious strawberries to zesty citrus slices. A fruity paradise that caters to the health-conscious and those with dietary sensitivities.

Personalized Experience:
Tailor the experience to your child’s favorite fruits and colors, creating a session that is as unique as they are.

Allergy-Friendly Options:
Perfect for children with allergies or dietary restrictions, the Fruity Smash Photoshoot provides a delicious and safe alternative, allowing every child to participate in the joy of smashing without any worries.

Capture the joy of health-conscious celebrations with our Fruity Smash Photoshoot.

Reserve your session now and let the fruity fun begin!

Your Fruit Smash Session

Before the session, we will discuss the styles and colours that you love, and we’ll agree on a theme.
During a toddler session, parents are my TEAM. They are the key to a successful session. I am making them play with their little one, and let the magic happen! Parent/child interactions are always my favourite images, and create treasured memories for the whole family!

Clothing & Props

RA Photography by Agnes will provide a range of outfits (e.g. tutu’s, pants, bow tie’s) and props for the session, but feel free to bring along any other clothes or props that you may wish to have included. Please note that clothing will be covered in a cake in the session.

The Fruit Cake

The homemade fresh fruit cake is included in your session fee.

Prices & Packages

Optional Extras


Add a Short Video from the session £150

Add Large Poster – £30

Add additional Digital Picture – £15

Add additional Print – £10


Fruit Smash with a tired little angel isn’t always fun, so try to schedule your booking with your small one sleeping pattern, when they are rested after nap time and fully awake. It’s also essential for mums and dads to wear clothing that is ok to get dirty.

It’s also a great idea to bring along drinks & snacks – photoshoots can be tiring for the little ones.


Smash Time!

Now it’s time to smash the cake!
Your baby will need your encouragement to smash the cake.
Don’t be too worried if he hasn’t had cake before or is hesitant to smash the cake – every baby is different and will still get great photos! 🙂


Bath Time & Clean Up

After the Fruit Smash, it’s time for a warm bubble tub to clean off the cake and frosting. During the bath, I will also be doing pictures.

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